Tournament Results
Event 04049301

Durham Kennel Club
Go Dog Go - Durham, NC
Event 04049301
Hosted by Go Dog Go
Durham, NC
August 29th, 2004

TeamBest TimePlaceDivision
Dogsmack Cease & Desist 19.171stRegular 1
Blockade Runners A 20.392ndRegular 1
DogGoneFast Rubber Room Rockets 21.533rdRegular 1
Blew Bayou Plays with Matches 22.904thRegular 1
On Your Bark 21.731stRegular 2
C.I.A. CB's 20.712ndRegular 2
4 Dog Night 4-Runners 21.863rdRegular 2
New River Express Firefly 20.654thRegular 2
DogGoneFast Lithium Liftoff 23.315thRegular 2
First In Flight Red 21.331stRegular 3
Blockade Runners B 21.222ndRegular 3
New River Express Huckleberry 22.423rdRegular 3
Triad Dog Sports Team Doggie Style 23.464thRegular 3
The Pawmetto Pack Island Dogs 26.005thRegular 3
DogGoneFast Mixed Nuts 19.661stMulti 1
Blockade Runners MB 21.482ndMulti 1
First In Flight Blue 20.573rdMulti 1
Blew Bayou Runs with Scissors 22.414thMulti 1
The Pawmetto Pack Swamp Foxes 23.235thMulti 1
Dogsmack Danger to Society 20.146thMulti 1