Go Dog Go! Flyball Club would like to thank everyone for coming to our tournament.

"Fur Blur II"
August 13-14th, 2005
Durham Kennel Club, Durham NC
Head Judge: Geoff Brown
Judges: Aimee Walker
Height dog measuring: 7:15 am Sat only
Captains' meeting: 7:45 am Sat only
Racing begins: 8 am Sat and Sun

Racing Format

The racing will be set so that all teams run about 40 heats each using a combination of 3/3 and 5/5 RR racing using a single ring. 3/3 and/or 5/5 racing will be chosen per division after the final seed times have been submitted. Race numbers will be announced by FRS radio.

  • All races are scored as follows:
    • 1 point for each heat won.
    • 1 additional point for winning the race.
    • No half points are awarded for ties.
  • Placements are awarded based on points accumulated.
  • Ties will be broken as follows:
    • Fastest time in division
    • If still tied then: fastest time head to head
    • If still tied then: tie breaker race (2 of 3)

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Racing schedule
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