Go Dog Go! Flyball Club would like to invite you to our tournament, GDG Beach Ball!

"Beach Ball!"
July 21st & 22nd, 2012
Duplin Event Center, Duplin, NC
Judges: Kyle Mankes, Geoff Brown
Height dog measuring: 7:15 am Sat Captains' meeting: 7:45 am Sat Racing begins: 8 am Sat
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Entry form (PDF) (DOCX)

All races are scored as follows:

    * 1 point for each heat won, ties 0.5 each
    * 2 additional points for winning the race, ties 1 each
    * Placements are awarded based on points accumulated

Placement ties will be broken as follows:

    * Fastest time in division
    * If still tied then: fastest time head to head
    * If still tied then: tie breaker race (2 of 3)
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