Go Dog Go! Flyball Club would like to invite you to our tournament, Where the Wild Dogs are!

"Where the Wild Dogs are!"
August 17-18, 2013
Herbert C. Young Community Center, Cary NC
Judges: Kyle Mankes
Building Opens: 7am Height dog measuring: 7:15 am Sat
Captains' meeting: 7:45 am Sat
Racing begins: 8 am

Ring Layout

Tournament points: 1 point per heat, 2 points for race. Ties split points

Unofficial-2 Corrections as of 8/22 21:33

Entry form (PDF) (DOC)

Local Lodging & RV (DOC)
Hawthorn Suites by Wyndham (special pricing) (DOC)
Welcome letter (PDF)

Seed chart (RTF)

Racing schedule
End of Day Sat after Race 106, Ring breaks will be used occasionaly to prevent known ring conflicts. Complete XLS